Dallas Cowboys star breaks elbow trying to catch his new iPhone

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

You’ve stared at the pretty white box.

You’ve opened it carefully.

You’ve removed the glorious object inside.

Soon afterward, you drop it.

This is a pain surely suffered by more than one owner of a new iPhone.

However, when you’re the running back of the Dallas Cowboys, you want to be careful trying to catch it.

As the Dallas Morning News reports, Darren McFadden needed surgery on Tuesday after breaking his elbow while trying to catch his falling iPhone.

“He was trying to keep his iPhone S, his brand new one, from hitting the ground and cracked his elbow,” Gary Brown, the team’s running backs coach, told the paper.

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One imagines this phone was actually an iPhone 6S. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t immediately respond to a request for clarification.

The incident happened on Memorial Day weekend. The elbow didn’t feel right when the player resumed practice last week.

McFadden, who during his career has been injured almost as often than Donald Trump’s feelings, may be out for two months.

Could it be, though, that he will become a hero to those Apple fanpersons who revere anyone going to advanced lengths in order to save their precious object?

Or could it be that someone who is due to earn up to $2 million this year — and previously signed a 6-year $60 million contract with the Oakland Raiders — really shouldn’t have worried about affording a new one?