Internet loan sharks demand naked pictures as security, reports say

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

Revenge porn is one of the Internet’s nastier inventions.

The idea that you can post naked images of your former lover either to humiliate or blackmail is simply sickening.

A new strain of this has emerged, however.

As The Guardian reports, unscrupulous online lenders in China are demanding naked images of female customers as collateral.

In the event that payments are late, the lender threatens to publish the naked pictures.

Quoting Chinese state media, The Guardian says college students have been targets of this scheme. If they agree to hand over naked pictures and their ID details, they’re given bigger loans.

One woman reportedly fell behind on her payments and had to beg her parents for money to prevent pictures of her being published online.

Chinese state media says such deals are being enacted on the Jiedaibao website of a company called JD Capital. Jiedaibao is a platform where individuals can come together for deals of a financial nature.

Neither Jiedaibao nor JD Capital immediately responded to a request for comment.

More Technically Incorrect Docs asked not to tweet confidential info worth $8B tweet it anyway We mock Apple because it’s the right thing to do, says Samsung exec Facebook post blisters person who left nasty note on veteran’s car reports that, as a practical matter, nude photos are illegal as collateral in China.

Firstly, they clearly violate a person’s reputation rights. Moreover, they also fall under the laws governing the dissemination of pornography.

Jiedaibao, as sometimes happens with those who run platforms, told that it cannot interfere with these personal arrangements between individuals. It did suggest, however, that those confronted with such a proposal should contact the police.

The supposed privacy of the Internet can bring out the very worst in people.

One can only hope that those responsible for such revenge-porn loans can be stripped of their freedom.